Giant Board Game Cards


Giant Board Game is made up of Challenge, Performer, Question and Random game squares. When a player lands on one of these squares they have to complete an activity from one of the game cards read out by the next game player, or move back along the game board. Here's a quick teaser of each of the different categories.


The challenge category separates the winners from the losers. Do you dare to put lipstick on blindfolded, or smell everyone's feet to find the 'winner'?


Are you a natural performer? You'll need to demonstrate your skills if you're to pass along the course. You may need to start a conga and get everyone to join in, or act like a T-Rex scratching your back.


The question squares give the braniacs a chance to catch up. There's a mix of general knowledge and pop culture. Do you know the national sport in Canada or the name of Harry Potter's parents?


You never know what you're going to get with a random square - some are good and some are bad. Will you miss the next turn, or trade places with the person who is leading?!