034 - Fishing / fire pit / wildlife pond / eggshell seedling / fairy garden

Good day mums and dads. It's hump day again. Hopefully, the milder climate and the days growing lighter have cheered your week up, and you are out having lots of fun and following our outdoor tips. Thursdays tips are sticking with the outdoors. Let's begin.

  1. Go fishing. This is a great one to do in the Spring when the rivers are busy. Most rivers do need a permit or permission, so make sure to check before you go. The go outdoors blog has a first timers guide and advises on fishing equipment.

  2. Light a fire pit and sit in the garden to have dinner. The nights are still dark early enough to do this with the kids, but they will be lighter soon.

  3. Explore a local wildlife pond and catch some tadpoles if you can. It might still be a little early for them.

  4. Plant eggshell seedlings. Now is a great time to plant seedlings, and eggshells are good for kids to get started. They will be able to pot them soon.

  5. Make a fairy garden. This one can be as wild as your imagination craftsbyamanda has a full step by step guide.

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