078 - Maps / road trip / balloon babies / hose limbo / homemade sprinkler

Friday is here, the day before your days off kicks in. We're joking, of course. Us parents never have a day off. The Daily Kids Friday newsletter is here to help you find things to do with the kids to keep you all connected. Let's dive right in with the last day of our working week.

  1. Show your kids some examples of maps, even better if you have physical maps rather than online ones. Then have them sit down and think about their area and map the area out for themselves.

  2. Take a heads or tails road trip, pick two destinations on the map and have the kids pick heads or tails for the destination. Take a drive and get some dinner. You deserve a Friday without cooking.

  3. Balloon babies, fill up a balloon with water and draw a face on it, wrap the balloon up in a towel and see how long your little one can take care of it. This one can get messy and funny.

  4. Water hose limbo, weather permitting, get the kids in the garden having a limbo game under the water hose stream. We're not suggesting you cheat and lower the hose, but it is funny when you catch them.

  5. Get the kids to make a homemade sprinkler for the garden, Use a plastic bottle and your existing hose, fantastic fun and learning have a good demo on how to do this.

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