075 - Shaving cream fight / fairy house / fruit eating / bodypainting / flower painting

Good day mums and dads, and welcome to our daily rundown of activities to help keep you and the kiddos busy during these crazy times. A full year of lockdowns has got us all feeling it, and the kids have been holding up great. Our Tuesday activities are continuing on the outdoor theme to make the most of the light nights and easing restrictions.

  1. Let the kids have a shaving cream fight. Who needs snow to throw white stuff at each other? This is great messy fun for the kids to do with their friends or neighbours. Outdoors, of course.

  2. Design a fairy house for the little fairies in the garden, fuel their imagination and yours too with a little fairy DIY. Country living has some super cute fairy garden ideas.

  3. Some of you will love this one. Others won't. This is definitely a personal choice, but it's a great way to get the kids to eat their fruit. You can have a watermelon seed spitting contest to see who can spit the seed the furthest. This is probably not suitable for mixed families during this time but great for a bit of sibling rivalry. Warning may descend into chaos.

  4. Bodypainting is a great way for them to get themselves involved in the art-making process. Modernparentmessykids has a full rundown of instructions and body paints to use.

  5. Flower painting, pick some flowers from the garden or out on a walk and have the kids paint pictures using the flowers as a paintbrush.

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