074 - Caves / mini-golf / twister / toy car race / paper boats

Happy Monday, fellow parents. The Daily Kids newsletter is here with daily ideas to help with ideas to keep the kids entertained. Every day I share my top 5 tips for keeping the kids entertained. Here are today's five for Monday.

  1. Why not check out your local area for caves and gorges that you can visit? There are many located around the UK and have archaeological significance and interest. Many have tours. Visit England has a full list of caves around the UK.

  2. Visit a mini-golf course for a day of fun putting. This is great for kids of all ages, and bonus, it's outdoors and socially distanced.

  3. Play a game of twister on your lawn in the garden. Even if you have a paved garden, you can draw the circles with chalk and let the kids have fun tying themselves in knots.

  4. Have a toy car race in your driveway or out on the pavement. The kids can do this with neighbours and with friends. Each brings their own favourite remote control car.

  5. Make some paper boats and take the kids to a local pond for a paper boat race.

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