073 - Breakfast / paddle boarding / hiking / kayaking / adrenaline

Finally, Sunday, the day of rest. Unless, of course, you're a parent. Sunday is a day for enjoying family time and preparing for the week ahead, and here at The Daily Kids, we've got our daily tips for keeping your little ones entertained.

  1. Have breakfast in bed with the kiddos, then take a walk to the shop for the Sunday papers and have a relaxed kind of morning.

  2. Once the food has settled and you start to feel the need to move, why not check out the local watersports centres for some paddleboarding? This is great fun trying to stand upright and make it work. It will all end in hilarity.

  3. If paddleboarding isn't your thing, why not go for a hike and try to chase some waterfalls? If it's safe enough and you're feeling adventurous, you might end up in the water swimming beneath one.

  4. If you are still feeling drawn towards the water, why not try a spot of kayaking? Your local beach watersports centre or lake watersports centre should have all the equipment you need.

  5. Fancy something even more thrilling. You'd be surprised at the adrenaline activities available throughout the UK. Why not have a go at whitewater rafting with the family. Kids age dependant, but what a great way to spend a day.

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