072 - Sailing / pedal boat / gossip / wild camping / beach

Finally, the weekend is upon us, it's Saturday, which means we can relax a little. The Daily Kids has put together some chilled Saturday activities to keep the kids occupied. Here are today's tips.

  1. Many sailing centres are coming back into season right about now. Why not check out what sailing clubs, lessons and activities are available for you as a family or even just for the kids if they're old enough.

  2. Go to a local park and ride a swan pedal boat with the kids. You can feed the ducks while you're here, remember no bread.

  3. Meet up with friends for a coffee, a gossip and a playdate at the local park; it's good to unwind and just let the kids play with other kids while the mums and dads chatter.

  4. Take a portable bbq, a tent and some sleeping bags, jump in the car and try a bit of wild camping. If you're unsure where you can go to do this, Timeout magazine has a full rundown.

  5. Drive to the local beach, light a bonfire at dusk, sit on old wood logs, and tell campfire stories. You don't have to camp to do this; it's an excellent way to end a road trip before heading home to relax.

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