071 - Basketball / scooter race / skateboards / slop skiing / archery

Woohoo, it's Friday, we have made it through the week, and soon it'll be bedtime, wine time and feet uptime. But before we get there, we have a day of activities to tire your little one out for a peaceful Friday night.

  1. Why not get some of the kids' friends together and take them to a local basketball court to shoot some hoops. You don't specifically need a basketball for this, although it does help.

  2. Take the kids out on their scooters for a scooter race against you, their siblings or even their friends.

  3. If scootering isn't your thing, take the kids and their skateboards to the local skatepark and let them hone their skills grinding and riding the rails.

  4. Try some outdoor dry slope skiing. This is super good fun and is excellent for building muscles and tiring the kids out. For the smaller ones, many slopes offer tubing. Check out your local listings; you'll be surprised what you have in your area.

  5. Visit your local outdoor pursuits centre and engage in a bit of archery, clay pigeon shooting or even just a play at the park there with a coffee from the cafe. Lot's of areas have these centres, and they're a great way to spend the lighter nights.

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