070 - Boot camp / wild swimming / surfing / morning walk / go-karting

Thursday is upon us already, and soon it will be the weekend. If you feel like you've exhausted every avenue and activity with the kids this week, don't worry The Daily Kids newsletter is here to help as always. Here are your five daily tips, and remember, the weekend is only one day away.

  1. Have a look in your local area and see what activities are back. You might be able to take the kids to some classes, some local boot camps, and Tai Kwan do sessions are being run outdoors, so it's worth checking your local Facebook and directories.

  2. How about a spot of wild swimming? Since lockdown began last year, there has been a surge in local groups, and many cater to kids who have swimming abilities; the outdoor swimming society has a good list of groups and advice to help get you started.

  3. Check out your local area for a surf school. Lockdown has created a big push in outdoor pursuits in the UK, with many taking up the sport. Surf schools are dependant on tide times, so you might well find one that works for you after work and school is done, or maybe before it starts if you're feeling adventurous.

  4. Take the kids out for a morning walk and a spot of meditation. Watching sunrises or sunsets is amazing for the endorphins, and taking a moment with the kids to sit in silence and just breath and appreciate it is a great way to teach them self calming and mindfulness.

  5. Go-karting is another outdoor pursuit that is great fun for the whole family and depending on where you live. You might have a centre-right on your doorstep. Check your local listings.

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