069 - Rainbow pizza / cricket / bike ride / kite flying / drone bandwagon

Happy hump day, mums and dads. We hope your week is going well and that you and your little ones are making the best of the week. We've got our daily download of sanity-saving tips to help you get over the hump.
  1. Why not try breaking up the weeks after school and work dinners with a fun and delicious rainbow pizza-making party? Funfoods youtube channel has a great recipe and step by step instructions for you to try.

  2. How about a good old socially distanced game of cricket with the neighbours and kids from the street. This is a fun way to make use of the lighter nights.

  3. Why not take the kids out for a nice bike ride in the countryside, or even around the town if the weather permits.

  4. Take a kite out on your family walk and give kite flying a go. This is a nostalgic favourite, and there are so many great designs. Kite flying can be so much more than running in a field with a kite. If you're feeling brave, it can be a skill to master. Check out into the wind for some cool designs and over 30 years of experience.

  5. Have you jumped on the drone bandwagon yet? This could be well worth investing a little money in for the incredible aerial shots and discoveries you and the kids can make—what a great way to whittle away a Wednesday night.

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