068 - Nature journal / limestone / citizen science / star stick / soap paint

Good morning from The Daily Kids. We hope Tuesday morning finds you well and feeling fresh. We've got some inspiring daily activities for you to try with your little ones today. Today's ideas are designed to keep the kids entertained, and you might even enjoy them as well.

  1. Why not start a nature journal with the kids so they can track all of their finds on walks and look back over the things they saw. Dragonfly designs have some great inspiration on how to make one.

  2. Pick up some rocks on your walks and do some experimentation. Limestone is perfect for this and helps to teach the kids about geology. You pour vinegar over your rocks, and if it bubbles, you've found limestone.

  3. Contribute to citizen science. Snap everything you find on your nature trails and report those sightings to project Noah. Project Noah is dedicated to documenting every living creature on Earth.

  4. Make some magic star sticks if you don't know how to do it, The StEM laboratory has a great how-to, and they even make them rainbow coloured.

  5. Learn how to make some bath soap paint for hours of bath time fun after the kids have been out exploring in nature and getting nice and dirty. These cool soap paints are easy to clean and great fun.

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