067 - Lego waterwheel / microscope / elephant toothpaste / tie-dying / ice cream

Hello fellow parents, another Monday brings another week of nicer weather and lighter nights. You can almost smell summer in the air. The Daily Kids newsletter is here to help with advice and activities. Every day I share my top 5 tips for keeping the kids entertained, here is today's 5

  1. Build a lego waterwheel. Teach the kids about the power of water by constructing a lego water course complete with a dam and waterwheel. Sarah Dees on youtube has a great video tutorial to help with this.

  2. DIY microscope, this is a cool little experiment and will get the kids finding things to examine for a few hours. It's not massively strong, but it does magnify enough to see details. You can find instructions here.

  3. Make some elephant toothpaste. This trick appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and went viral on youtube. If you haven't already heard of it, you can get all the details here at thoughtco.

  4. Do some tie-dying with the kids. This is great fun, and they can make some funky new clothes from old ones that they no longer like the look of. I know we all did tie-dye at school, but if you've forgotten how Instructables have you covered.

  5. Make some ice cream, this is a fun activity, and you don't even have to leave the house. The kids enjoy it, and you can find a recipe to suit any taste on BBC good food.

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