066 - Balloon / game of bowls / graveyard / geometric patterns / QR code

Finally, Sunday, the day of rest. Unless, of course, you're a parent. Sunday is a day for enjoying family time and preparing for the week ahead, and here at The Daily Kids, we've got our daily tips for keeping your little ones entertained.

  1. Have a game of balloon water splash. Write numbers in chalk on the pavement and have the kids try to hit the numbers with their water balloons.

  2. Make a DIY game of bowls. Bob Vila has a full list of making your own backyard games.

  3. Take the kids a walk to the local church graveyard and make rubbings of the old and ancient graves. This sounds morbid on the face of it, but it's actually an excellent way to look at different designs and traditions of different decades and centuries.

  4. Have the kids hunt for the same geometric patterns in plants and flowers and nature and ask them to list them down. It's pretty cool to see how everything fits together.

  5. Track the QR code. This is a game where the kids have to be on the lookout for QR codes whenever they are out and about. Instead of absorbing technology without thinking about it, question what they think it takes to make one.

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