065 - Fishing / see sights / historic castle / compass building / magnifying glass

Finally, the weekend is upon us, it's Saturday, which means we can relax a little. The Daily Kids has put together some chilled Saturday activities to keep the kids occupied. Here are today's tips.

  1. Take the kids fishing, many lakes and rivers require permits and provide equipment, but many don't. Check with your local council with a quick google search. The Fatherly has a great article with a list of equipment and instructions for beginners.

  2. Venture off into a village or town you haven't been to before, see the sights and have lunch in a local pub. Or better yet, if the Great British weather behaves, go to a beer garden.

  3. The national trust has many old and historic castles and buildings to explore and adventure off in. Take the kids to a historical site and have a nice day out while learning about history. See a full list here.

  4. Build a compass with the kids and take them orienteering with their own compass and maps. BBC Bitesize has a full list of instructions on how to build a compass.

  5. Build a DIY magnifying glass to let the kids explore all of the wonderful creepy crawlies they have in their own back garden. Greenkidcrafts has a full how-to tutorial on making magnifiers.

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