064 - Road trip / seaside / board games / night sky app / story reading

Woohoo, it's Friday, we have made it through the week, and soon it'll be bedtime, wine time and feet uptime. But before we get there, we have a day of activities to tire your little one out for a peaceful Friday night.

  1. Take a road trip. If the kids are old enough, you could have them track the trip on google maps. This is always fun, especially when it's a mystery tour.

  2. Get some fish n chips for dinner in a random seaside town at the end of your drive and sit and enjoy the waves rolling in as you eat your great British classic.

  3. Have some family board games and snacks when you get home to wind down before bedtime.

  4. Send the kids off to bed with the night sky app and help them chart the night sky. National Geographic also makes a night sky projection so you can project the constellations onto their roof as they work out the planet's alignments.

  5. Read some stories before bed and get the kiddos settled down tight for the night. Now they are settled, and you can enjoy some grown uptime.

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