061 - Dance class / gym mat / maze outdoor / relay race / rounders game

Good morning from The Daily Kids. We hope Tuesday morning finds you well and feeling fresh. We've got some inspiring daily activities for you to try with your little ones today. Today's ideas are designed to keep the kids entertained, and you might even enjoy them as well.

  1. Get your kids together with their friends in the park for a socially distanced dance class. This is a great after school activity and helps to take the place of their extracurricular. Homeacadamykids has a great range of free dance classes.

  2. Why not invest in a gym mat and let the kids practise tumbling and gymnastics in the garden. This is great for burning off energy after school, and the kids will keep their muscles toned. Amazon has a full range varying in price.

  3. Build a maze outdoors. Take a ball of wool or a few balls of wool to the local woods, and you can either set it up as a maze the kids have to find their way through, or you could set it up like lasers, so they have to ninja their way free.

  4. Head to the local field for a relay race, mums, dads and kids on separate teams and see who the most competitive ones in the family are and who the sore losers are. As a bonus, you could even buy a bag of goodies for the winners to take home.

  5. Set up a game of rounders after school, head to your local playing fields and have a socially distanced game of rounders with the kids' friends and neighbours. We warn you, though, this might turn into a turf war.

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