060 - Outdoor fort / planting / beachcombing / outdoor art / tadpole

Hello fellow parents, another Monday brings another week of nicer weather and lighter nights. You can almost smell summer in the air. The Daily Kids newsletter is here to help with advice and activities. Every day I share my top 5 tips for keeping the kids entertained, here is today's 5
  1. Build an outdoor fort, it's a great way to enjoy spending time with your kids, and it's a great way to get the kids outside and enjoying the spring weather. Get creative with tree branches and sheets or get adventurous and try one of these outdoor fort kits from Amazon.

  2. If you are a regular follower of The Daily Kids, you'll know we love to get kids in the garden. Now is a great time if you haven't already to get planting, and if you have already started, you should be starting to see the blooms. HGTV has a list of the best gardening kits for kids to get started.

  3. Try some beachcombing with a cheap metal detector from Amazon and amaze yourself and the kids with all the treasures you will find. You might even find some pirates gold.

  4. Outdoor art is a great way to keep the house clean and get the kids to work their creative muscles. This doesn't mean chalk drawing. There are so many activities, from washable paint to shaving foam creations. Firefliesandmudpies has a great collection of examples and instructions.

  5. Take the kids tadpole collecting in your local pond or lake. You can buy nets easily from many shops and online. Remember to keep to safe and shallow areas. Biologycorner has a great pond life printable sheet so you can identify all of the little creatures you catch.

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