058 - Activity jar / softplay / bouncy castle / cook out / hot tub

Happy Saturday mums and dads, The Daily Kids is here to keep your little treasures entertained and occupied over the weekend with our daily dose of activities. Kids don’t stop for the weekend and neither do we, with the nicer weather and lighter nights well and truly here, our activities today are dedicated to all things outdoors.

  • Make an outdoor activity jar. This helps with kids who have a hard time thinking of things to do, or making decisions. Write different activities on lollipop sticks. Let your kids choose an activity and then head outside.

  • With softplays remaining closed there are many pop ups that have popped up, offering softplay equipment for hire. Bring the softplay to your garden.

  • If you can’t get hold of a soft play rental, why not try hiring a bouncy castle. This a relatively cost effective rental over a weekend and the kids will love it.

  • Have a Saturday night cook out, light a barbecue and have dinner outdoors with lots of goodies and of course wine for mum and dad.

  • Hire a hot tub and let the kids have a hot tub party in the garden, hours of fun but they might look like prunes when they emerge.

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