057 - Photography / jogging / yoga / ride bikes / outside activities

Happy Friday mums and dads, The Daily Kids is here for you this wonderful end of week with our daily dose of activities to do with the kids. We hope this week has been kind to you and you aren’t ready to reach for the wine just yet. Let’s get right on with today’s activities and help you on the way to the weekend.

  • Take the kids out on a day of photography fun, snap nature, funny clouds, weird shapes, city scapes, old buildings or anything else that comes to mind. When you get home you can have some fun sorting through the pictures and admiring their handiwork.

  • Go for a jog, yes this is doable with kids, well depending on their age, if the kids are younger you can always jog with the stroller and even if it’s only short bursts the kids love running. This is healthy for you and for them and burns off some great energy.

  • Try some kids yoga, you might find some outdoor yoga activities in the local area but if not you can find some great channels on youtube.

  • Ride bikes, trikes or scooters, set up a little race course and have a race on wheels with the kids of all ages. Even parents can have a go.

  • Take your usual daily activities outside, homework, art, lunch, dinner and any other daily activities you normally do with the kids. Mix it up and take them outside. It’s amazing how boring things become so much more exciting in a new environment.

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