056 - Sunsetting / stargazing / adventure playground / treetop adventure / fairground

Thursday is here and we hope the week has gone in fast for you fellow parenters. Here at The Daily Kids we’re keeping the daily activities to do with kids coming at you to help inspire and motivate. Let’s dive right in,

  • Now that the nights are lighter and the weather is warmer, we recommend getting out of the house with the kids after work and dinner. Take a walk and see the sunsetting. It’s good wholesome after dinner family time.

  • Why not wait until after dark and try some stargazing with the kids. Most constellations can be seen with the bare eye. AMNH has a great star spotting guide.

  • Take the kids to a local adventure playground or maze. Adventure England has a full list of playgrounds throughout England.

  • Why not try burning off some energy and getting in some real adrenaline treetop adventures at GoApe. They have over 34 UK locations to choose from throughout the UK so you’re sure to find one not too far away.

  • Take the kids to a fairground. Spring is in the air and outdoor activities are opening back up. Check out your local listings to find any fairgrounds that might be visiting your area.

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