055 - Geocaching / obstacle course / coastal walk / beach clean up / birds watching

Happy Wednesday fellow mums and dad’s, it’s the midway point in the week and if you are lucky enough to be on holiday with the kids this week you will be looking for fresh ideas and things to do. The Daily Kids daily activities are here to help inspire and motivate you, and now with restrictions easing there are more outdoor activities to take part in.

  • Why not try geocaching with the kids, if you haven’t heard of it, geocaching is a real life outdoor treasure hunt using GPS enabled devices. You can use geocaching to introduce the kids to parks, trails and natural history. com has a full set of instructions.

  • Turn your back garden into an obstacle course. Get creative with the things you have in the garden and the house and see if the kids can compete against each other in the fastest time.

  • Take a coastal walk in the UK, there are loads of dedicated routes and The Telegraph has put together a dedicated list.

  • Take the kids on an organised beach clean up, this serves a lot of purposes, you will get the kids to the beach, out in the fresh air having fun and also teach them about the value of taking care of nature. MCSUK has a list of organised activities you can get involved in.

  • Now that spring is in the air why not take the kids out birdwatching and see all of the species that have returned. The RSPB has a good bird watching sheet.

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