054 - Railroad building / bottle rockets / bursting bag / soil science / walk

Happy Tuesday fellow growers of little people. I hope the official start of the working week finds you all well rested after your long weekend and you are all fresh and ready to dive into a short working week. We’ve put together some activities with the kiddos. Today we're bringing you some outdoor STEM activities. We hope you enjoy getting out in the nice weather with the kids and getting sciencey.
  • It’s the Easter holidays and if you are lucky enough to be on holiday with the kids, why not try some backyard railroad building? It’s a project that will take a few days so you and the kids can really get into it over the school break. Adventure in a box has a full set of instructions.

  • If you’re time is limited and the kids are looking for something with a little more bang for the buck, why not try some bottle rockets. These guys are sure to have the kids entertained. Steampowered family have a full set of instructions on their site.

  • Bursting bags experiment from little bins for little hands is another great one for the wow factor. The kids have to guess if the bag will burst or not and some of them might even explode.

  • Try some experimental soil science, the kids will learn all about eco systems and how they grow. They’ll also learn about all the vitamins and minerals they can find in their own garden. Left Brain Craft Brain have all the instructions you need.

  • How about taking a walk to find some dead dandilions and try putting the old myth to the test. If you set a dead dandelion on fire it will burn a bright rainbow. Is it fact? Is it fiction? There’s only one way to find out. Teachbesideme has done the hard work for you if you’re curious.

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