052 - Egg hunt / Easter brunch / cross bun / Sunday roast / family walk

Happy Easter, mums, dads and kiddos. We hope this Sunday finds you all happy and content, full of chocolate and fun. The Daily Kids has your daily drop of activities for you and the little ones to enjoy. We hope this gives you some inspiration for easter ideas to try with the kids and that you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

  1. Easter egg hunt, it's what Easter is all about. But why not put a twist on it this year and turn the Easter egg hunt into a cool code solving puzzle. This is likely to make the hunt last longer than five minutes and builds the fun. Check out science sparks for ideas on how to write up codes and clues.

  2. Make an Easter brunch. All of the goodies you've been making throughout the week can be eaten up today, crispy cakes, chocolate cakes, waffles and eggs. We didn't say it was conventional, just that it was an idea.

  3. Bake some hot cross buns. Easter isn't Easter without hot cross buns, and the smell is sure to leave the house smelling amazing. BBC good food has a great recipe.

  4. Make a big Easter Sunday roast. Complete with all the trimmings, kind of like a Christmas roast but slightly less elaborate. If you're stuck for recipe inspiration, check out BBC good food for Easter recipes.

  5. Go for a family walk while the roast roasts and roll all of those painted eggs down the hill.

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