051 - Egg painting / Easter bonnet / gift basket / Easter catapult / egg drop

It's Easter Saturday, and we hope it finds you all well and enjoying this long weekend. After a week of Easter themed activities from The Daily Kids, it's time to step up the Easter theme. We have five more activities for you today that are sure to keep you and the kids busy and happy. Without further ado, let's get started.

  1. It's time to boil those eggs and let them dry for some cool Easter egg painting. Red ted art has some great ideas for egg painting on his youtube tutorial.

  2. Go old school and make an Easter bonnet. This can be as simple as using coloured paper and a card, or you can get elaborate. Check out the Kidspot youtube channel for inspiration and ideas.

  3. Make an Easter gift basket for friends and loved ones, Country living has a page dedicated to easter gift basket making, and you and the kids can get as imaginative and creative as you want to with this activity.

  4. Build an Easter catapult. This is a great STEM activity for kids and loads of fun too. Watch as they hurl their boiled eggs with these cool catapults. Check out little bins for little hands for full instructions.

  5. Try the egg drop engineering STEM challenge. The kids have to build a device that allows them to drop the egg without it breaking. For a full list of instructions, check out Steamsational.

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