049 - Photo album / swimming / skim stone / bunny game / Easter stories

Hello Thursday, we hope today finds you well, fellow parents. This weeks theme is Easter activities, and we have another five activities to share with you today. We are two days from the weekend, spring is well and truly here, and the mood is bright. Let's dive into today's activities and see if we can help make your day even better.

  1. Make a family photo album with all of your fun Easter activities in it, or start a new tradition of family photo albums beginning at Easter.

  2. Go swimming, some recreation centres have reopened others have not but if you haven't already you could try a bit of wild swimming. Depending on the age of the kids, this might be more of a paddle.

  3. Skim stones, take the kids to your nearest pond, lake, river or beach and teach them the art of skimming stones. See how many bounces you can get on the first go.

  4. Pin the tail on the bunny game, the same as pin the tail on the donkey but bunny-themed instead of donkey themed.

  5. Write some Easter stories. This is a great one for kids of all ages and will have their imaginations working and their literary skills growing.

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