047 - Easter cards / Easter pinata / Easter movies / Easter garland / fingerprint bunnies

Happy Tuesday, fellow parents. We hope you are enjoying the run-up to Easter. Here at The Daily Kids, we have a daily activity sheet dedicated to bringing you daily activities to keep the kids occupied. This week's theme is all about Easter activities so let's dive in with Tuesday's instalment.

  1. Make Easter cards with the kiddos. It's a great way to use up the craft supplies you have lying around, and it will keep the kids, and you occupied for hours.

  2. Make an Easter pinata. Easter is all about chocolate and sweets, and what better way to make the kids work for their sweets than by having them break into an Easter pinata. Courtney's sweets have a youtube tutorial on how to make a pinata at home.

  3. Watch some Easter movies together. There are more Easter movies than you might think. My kids time has a list of some of the best. 

  4. Make an Easter garland. Similar to a Christmas garland but with all things Easter instead. Some great youtube videos on this, from kid-friendly and straightforward to lavish and adorned with flowers. Spruce crafts have a range of garland ideas.

  5. Make fingerprint bunnies. Finger painting is always good messy fun, and all you have to do is add an Easter twist to it.

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