045 - Bug hunt / bug hotel / outdoor handprint / eye spy / trip to zoo

Good morning fellow parents, it's Sunday, the day of rest, or the day where we parents cook, clean and prepare for the week ahead and all it has to bring. Here at The Daily Kids, we think you deserve a bit of family fun time on a Sunday just as much as any other day, so today, we bring you our final instalment of activities for the week. Following in the footsteps of this week, we are continuing our Celebrate Spring theme.

  1. Why not take the kids on a bug hunt? The kids can play bug detective with a magnifying glass and get in amongst all of the creepy crawlies under the rocks. Childhood by nature, has a great guide on bug hunting do's and don'ts and bugs to look out for.

  2. If the insects and creepy crawlies are a hit, why not go a step further and build a bug hotel. The RSPB has a full instructional on creating a bug hotel guaranteed to make the insects want to stay.

  3. Make some outdoor handprints. If this is in your garden, you can use more permanent paint and remember their little hands. If it's in the street, we would recommend a wash-away paint. The madhouse has a recipe for animal-friendly and washable pavement paint.

  4. Take a walk in the woods and play creature eye spy. Red squirrels are on the rise, so why not see if you can spot any while you're out. Take a pen and paper and write down all the different species you see.

  5. Take a trip to the Zoo. It's the time of year when all of the little creatures are born, so you might see some new arrivals.

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