044 - Seed bombs / pottery flower / duck feeding / national park / heritage

Good morning fellow parents. It's Saturday. I hope the weekend has some wonderful things planned for you all. The Daily Kids is here with you to help you find fun activities for the days when the inspiration just won't come. This week's theme is celebrating spring.

  1. Make some garden seed bombs with your little angels so they can spread delight around your garden. Simple living mama has instructions on how to do this.

  2. Why not try making some pottery spring flowers. Once they are hardened, you can then have a painting activity. This is great fun for kids, and the crafty tipster has a no-bake clay recipe, so you don't even have to cook them.

  3. Take some sweetcorn, oats, peas or rice and feed the local ducks at the pond. Watch out for the swans.

  4. Visit a national park or garden and enjoy the great outdoors.

  5. Visit a National Trust heritage site or castle and take in all the history that the UK has to offer.

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