042 - Cress / eco-system / leprechaun / ant farm / pavement painting

Thursday is here, two days till the weekend, and The Daily Kids has another daily dose of activities for your little ones. This week's theme is celebrating all things spring. We are going to dive right in with our activities. Here goes.

  1. Grow some cress. This is an oldie I think everyone did this at school, but it's a good one because it's easy, it can be grown in cotton wool balls, and the results are quick.

  2. Make a soda bottle eco-system. This is springtime science and biology for kids of all ages. Layers of learning have a full set of instructions to show you exactly how to do this.

  3. Try a little bit of springtime STEM and build a leprechaun trap. Goldiebox has an instructional video to show you and your little ones how to engineer the trap.

  4. Check out slick slime sam on youtube for a full set of instructions on how to grow an ant farm. This is another great one for STEM and children of all ages. Just make sure you keep it in the garden.

  5. Make some squirty chalk to level up the pavement painting activities. Ehow has a good youtube video that teaches you how to make the recipe.

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