041 - Flower painting / rainbow chasing / lambs / butterflies painting / craft

Way to go it's Wednesday, the halfway mark through the week, and we are still going strong. There is something about spring that puts a little (well spring) in the step. Everything just feels a little brighter. We are here with our The Daily Kids kid's daily activity update to give you ideas of things you can do with the kids. Sticking with the Spring theme this week, here's today's five.

  1. Paint some flowers, collect some wildflowers on your walk and do some e still drawing or painting. You can use watercolours, charcoal, or even oils, depending on how old the kids are.

  2. Chase a rainbow. Spring is a great time for seeing rainbows. Why not take the kids out a drive in the car and try to find the end of the rainbow. You can also do this walking. And even if you don't find the pot of gold at the end, you will have a great time trying.

  3. Lambing season is here, and if you have a field full of sheep nearby, you can take the kids to see the baby lambs in the field.

  4. Painting butterflies. This is one I always liked as a kid. Butterflies are symmetrical, so you fold your card in half and only paint one wing, then fold the card back on the paint to create a symmetrical butterfly.

  5. Make some tissue paper cherry blossom trees. Craft and make up has a youtube video that shows you how to make beautiful tissue paper trees.

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