039 – Birds nests / Printing trees / painted branch / birdhouse painting

Good morning parents, Monday has rolled itself around again, and another week of parenting brings with it another week of racking our brains trying to think of activities to keep our little angels occupied. As always, The Daily Kids is here to help you with ideas throughout the week. Spring is definitely in the air, and our theme for the week is springtime fun with the kiddos.

  1. Make some decorative birds nests out of wool and yarn. This is a lovely idea for getting the kids to do some spring-themed arts and crafts. The imagination tree has a full instructional on how to do this.

  2. Use broccoli to print some trees, a little like potato printing but with broccoli instead.

  3. Make a flower petal suncatcher mandala. The artful parent has a full set of instructions and a handy how-to video to show you exactly how to do it.

  4. Try a painted branch art activity. Find a big branch and use paints to colour it any way you like. The branch can be used as spring decor in your hall. The artful parent has a good picture demonstration and instructions.

  5. If you have birdhouses, why not try a little birdhouse painting and let the kids put their stamp on it. Your garden will be full of colourful ornaments that also feed the birds.

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