038 – Farmers Market / hopscotch / garden golf course / outdoor cinema / sunset chasing

Good morning parents, once again, Sunday has rolled around all too soon. Don't despair. You still have some weekend time left, and The Daily Kids is here with you to help you figure out how to make the best of the few hours of the weekend you have left.

  1. Go to a farmers market. This is a great idea for the kids to buy good ingredients to help with dinner.

  2. Play hopscotch, draw chalk on the ground and play with your kids. It will bring back some childhood memories.

  3. If you still can't get to any leisure activities, you could have a go at making your put a golf course in the garden. There are videos on youtube like this one here , yours doesn't have to be elaborate.

  4. Outdoor cinema may not be possible to take your tv outside but you can hook up a white sheet and buy a mini projector very inexpensively that links to your phone via bluetooth.

  5. Take a drive and chase the sunset. This is one of our favourites. There's nothing quite like a good sunset.

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