037 - Four-leaf clover / mud painting / socks / botanical garden / running 5K

Hi parents hip hip hooray for Saturday, it's here, at last, the weekend, and we want you to enjoy every minute of the time you have with your family. The Daily Kids team want you to know we're here with you, always looking for new activities. This weeks theme is to go outdoors.

  1. Find a four-leaf clover, this one can take forever, but if you ever find a four-leaf clover, you will remember that day forever.

  2. Do some mud painting. You can paint on the fence, on the pavement, or paper. It's so much fun and gets the kids making a mess outdoors rather than indoors.

  3. Grow your socks. This is a great activity to learn about what's growing in your area. The guys over at the wonder of science have a full description, but the premise is that you let your kids run around outside in wet socks, then put them in a zip lock bag, put it in a window and see all of the plants that grow from your socks.

  4. Visit a botanical garden. The flowers won't all be in bloom, but the trees will be blossoming, and you might see a few that are early bloomers.

  5. Run a 5K with the kids. Yes, it can be done, but if that's not your thing, you could just walk it.

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