036 - Swing / trail scavenger hunt / beach clean up / plant identification / Exercise

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  1. Build a swing in the garden if you have a tree. Suppose not a tyre and rope on a tree nearby is still an option. Lowes has a good article explaining the ins and outs of making a rope tree swing.

  2. Nature trail scavenger hunt, go for a walk along a nature trail and set up a scavenger hunt with clues for them. Doing good together has a printable list of things to include in your scavenger hunt list.

  3. Do a beach clean up or community clean up. Paying forward goodness in the community will teach your kids to be community-minded and conscious of others.

  4. Identify the plant. Go for a walk in the woods with the kids and have them take pictures of all the different types of plants they can see. Once home, do google searches to try to identify the plants.

  5. Do some grounding exercises. Let the kids take their shoes off and get muddy. Some studies show that we ground ourselves through the Earth, and it has a good effect on our body and mental health, let them run free.

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