035 - Daisy chains / flower paintbrush / herbs planting / compost bin / flower pots

Thursday newsletter and the daily dose of activity time. I hope today's instalment finds you all happy and healthy and making the most of our great outdoor activities. We have more where they came from. After this past year of lockdowns, Everyone is in much need of fresh air and blowing away the cobwebs. With that in mind, let's begin.

  1. Make some daisy chains in the park with your little ones. This is still a fun way to pass the time and lets kids get a bit creative outside.

  2. Flower paintbrush, arts and crafts are such good fun when you get to do them outside with natural materials. Use a flower as a paintbrush for a craft project.

  3. Plant some herbs. Now is the perfect time to plant some herbs, and they are usually relatively easy to grow. Once your herbs are up, you can teach the kids how to cook with them.

  4. Start a compost bin. What better time of year is there to start than Spring. You will teach the kids about sustainability, and they will have some fantastic and fertile soil for their herb gardens. PBS has a printable guide on how to build a compost bin.

  5. Decorate some flower pots so that the kids have their own beautiful pots to put their newly grown plants and compost in.

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