033 - Muddy puddles / Outdoor tea party / Bouquet / Digging / bird feeder

Tuesday is upon us, and The Daily Kids are here to keep your daily dose of kids activities flowing. As parents, we know it can be challenging to think of things to do every day, which is why we're here to help. Today we're continuing the get outdoors theme.

  1. Go and jump in muddy puddles. This is a top choice for parents with kids who love Peppa and George Pig. Jumping up and down in muddy puddles is fun, free and right on the doorstep.

  2. Host an outdoor tea party or picnic for a couple of your child's friends, outdoors and socially distanced, of course.

  3. Pick a bouquet. Pick some flowers and arrange them at home into a beautiful vase arrangement.

  4. Dig for worms. Spring is a great time to dig for worms. The ground isn't frozen, so when it rains, they all come to the surface.

  5. Put out bird and hedgehog feeders, the hedgehogs are coming out of hibernation, and the birds are starting to return. You will find resources for both on the RSPB website.

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