031 - Smell guessing / Sound hunt / dragon hunt / water xylophone / Ispy playing

Sunday is a Funday when you have kids, and The Daily Kids is here to make sure it is just that. We have the last day of our sensory themed week for you today so you can get out and enjoy the day with your kiddos before Monday rolls around again.

  1. Guess the smell is a great game to play with the little ones, blindfold them and use whatever you have in the kitchen to have their little brains working, from tea bags to essential oil, cheese, and anything else you can think of.

  2. Go outdoors with the kids on a sound hunt, hunt for sirens, birds, crickets, traffic lights and any other sounds you can think of. Inspirational laboratories have a full list of sounds and instructionals.

  3. Go on a dragon hunt. Inspired by the youtube yoga video, get outdoors, listen for a dragon, smell a dragon and get your body moving at the same time.

  4. Water xylophone is a fun way to explore sound and how you can make it. Fill some glass bottles with water and play with the bottles.

  5. Go for a walk and play Ispy, sometimes the simplest things from our childhood are the most effective.

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