030 - Bubble art / mud painting / cotton ball painting / sink or float / shaving cream

Ah, Saturday, at last, a day of no work where we get to settle down and enjoy some family time. If you're struggling to think of things to do today, don't worry, The Daily Kids are here to help get you through the weekend with your five daily activities. We're sticking with the sensory theme, but we're moving it outdoors for the weekend.

  1. Bubble wrap stomp art is something every age kid will love, even mum and dad, who doesn't love popping bubble wrap? Lemon-lime activities have a full set of instructions for this fun outdoor sensory activity.

  2. Funaday has put together instructions for how to do mud painting with your little ones. We love a good messy Saturday activity.

  3. Cotton ball throw painting is another messy outdoor Saturday activity. Throw the paintballs on paper to create art or at each other to create a very mellow version of paintball. The chaos and the clutter have full instructional ideas.

  4. Sink or float involves a large bucket with water and some objects you don't mind getting wet. As the name suggests, Sink or float means you have to guess and then mark down the answer if you were right or wrong. The buggy and buddy have a free printable for this one,

  5. Shaving cream polka dot sidewalk is an excellent way to spend the afternoon with the kids and get involved in some messy play. The clutter and the chaos has a full walkthrough.

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