029 - Stuck in the mud / edible paint / glitter / homemade sherbert / salt and sugar test

Friday is here at last, and that can only mean one thing, we are about to lose our senses, and so are the kids. This is our last sensory day, and we end the working week with the sense of taste. This is a fun one for kids and parents, so let's get started.

  1. Stuck in the mud is a game made with oobleck. This material turns from solid to liquid, so it's excellent for taste and the sense of touch. Simply learning has an excellent recipe for mud you can stick some farm animals into.

  2. Ooey gooey edible glitter finger paint. This can be eaten, the glitter makes it great to look at, and it's a whole lot of gooey, messy fun. Childhood 101 has an excellent recipe for making this one.

  3. Sugar and spice and glitter have come up with a great recipe for tasty and edible cloud doh. The kids can shape it and play with it, and when they're done, they can eat it.

  4. Making and tasting homemade sherbert is a fun activity, and you can see their faces suck in the sour of the sherbert. Laughing kids learn, have a great fizzy sherbet recipe you could try.

  5. The salt and sugar test is basic, but it's a great way to get kids to explore how different things feel on their tongue.

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