028 - Rainsticks / baby drums / wind chimes / horse shoes / tin can cups

Hi there, fellow parents. I hope this finds you well, and your week is being kind. As always, we're here with our daily dose of activities to help you through. Thursday's newsletter this week brings with it a sensory day dedicated to sound. Let's begin.

  1. Rainsticks super sensory bottles sound just like rain. They're great fun to make with the kiddos, too, and they will have lots of fun with them. Rhythms of play have a video to show you how.

  2. Bang the drums, for very small babies, something as simple as a pot and pan is an effective game, but this can be adapted as kids get older. You can tape together pringles tubes in a circle, so it looks like one big drum and bang away for older kids. The beauty of this is that they can remove the lids and fill or empty the tubes to play with the sound each tube makes.

  3. Make some wind chimes and hang them outside of your little one's window so they can hear them chime each time the wind blows. Growing a jeweled rose has some great takes and instructions for this that are fun.

  4. Coconut horseshoes, this is simple and great fun, let the kids help to carve out the coconut husks and then they can play galloping horses all day long.

  5. Tin can cups another oldie, but goodie and all you need is a length of string and two tin cans, and I'm sure you remember the rest.

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