026 - Frozen dino eggs / texture sensory balloons / sensory beach bucket / fluffy slime / digging for worms

Happy start of the week, fellow parents, Here to help you through the week is the dadpluskids newsletter with your daily dose of activities to keep you and the kids busy and bonding. This week we're focussing on all things sensory. Kids learn with all of their senses, and there are some great activities we can do to help them. Monday's sensory ideas are focussing on touch.

  1. Frozen dinosaur eggs, this is another take on the frozen water balloon trending on TikTok that even the adults are loving. The imagination tree has a full breakdown of how to make these cool dino eggs for sensory learning.

  2. Texture sensory balloons are another great one for touch. Fill balloons with sand, cornflour, marbles and salt. Little bins for little hands have a full range of fillings and a detailed breakdown on how to make these. You can even use them like a stress ball for work.

  3. Make a sensory beach in a bucket. Fill your bucket with sand, shells, water, glass beads and driftwood and let the kids have fun exploring all of the textures and how they interact with each other.

  4. Fluffy slime, one for us parents to love. Oh, the mess that comes with this, it almost matches the fun. This is one for kids of all ages, even the grown-up ones. Little bins for little hands have a great recipe for fluffy slime.

  5. Digging for worms is our last sensory play for touch ideas. Fill a bucket or sand tray with soil and spaghetti and get the kids to dig out the worms. Slimy, squishy fun.

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