025 - Making soup / care packages / hedgehog hibernation / jigsaw puzzles / stargazing

Sunday is a great day for family time. It's all about long lies and laid back days. Dadpluskids is here to help you have the kind of Sunday that Bisto adverts are made of.

  1. Make some soup with the kids, this is a great one and a brilliant tradition to have with your kids. Imagine in years to come when the kids want to go home for mums or dad's soup because it's the best in the world. You can find a good recipe here.

  2. Make a care package for loved ones with who you aren't able to have contact during lockdown, or if you know anyone who is shielding or lives alone, care packages are a great way to teach the kids to give back. You can find ideas here on how to make a great care package.

  3. Put out a hedgehog care package in the garden. They will be waking up from hibernation around now and will be extra hungry and thirsty. Hedgehog hibernations have some excellent advice on how to care for hedgehogs.

  4. Do a jigsaw puzzle. It's a brilliant way to bring everyone together, and it helps build IQ. There is a range of puzzles available on amazon.

  5. Try a bit of stargazing, the kids will enjoy it, and the National Trust has a useful guide on getting started and what to look for.

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