024 - Camping with kids / wax rubbings / farm shops / making jam / board games

The weekend is upon us, and Dadpluskids is here to help make your weekend as fun-filled and special as possible. The week has been full of learning activities, and now it's time for playtime, free time and rest.

  1. Now that the weather is heading into Spring, you might get lucky enough to have a mild weekend. If you do, you could try taking the kids camping. Activekids.com has a useful checklist for bringing kids into the outdoors.

  2. Pick some daffodils or bluebells and take them home to brighten up the house. You could also pick some acorns and make acorn wax rubbings when you get back home.

  3. Baking with a day out. Many farm shops are still open during lockdown, and it's an opportunity for the kids to see some animals. Fresh duck eggs also make a great addition to any Vicky sponge when you get home.

  4. Make some jam, there are a wide array of jams you can make, and some are in season. You could combine your jam making with a walk to forage your berries. The WI has a whole host of recipes to choose from.

  5. Get the board games out and have a family game night, complete with popcorn, lovely food and drink and maybe even a pizza.

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