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Friday is here, the day before your days off kicks in. We're joking, of course. Us parents never have a day off. Our Friday newsletter is dedicated to reading and literature to help you get the kids reading and writing.

  1. Jumpstart offers a range of online reading games and activities catering to kids of different ages from toddler up. They are fun and bright and sure to get your little ones engaged.

  2. Read kids is a youtube channel dedicated to helping kids get on top of their reading. It helps with grammar, nouns, verbs, and so much more. It's bright and animated and good fun.

  3. Kids Academy is another good youtube channel to help bolster your child's reading skills. It's bright and fun, and engaging.

  4. Homer learn and grow is a good learning app to help develop reading for preschool-age kids, and it also means they get to have a shot of the iPad. This is a win-win.

  5. Why not try some alphabet baking? This is a great activity to get the kids learning their letters without realising they're learning their letters—sneaky teaching through a fun activity and a tasty treat at the end.

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