022 - Collecting fossils / flying kites / birdwatching / nature walks / chalk art

Good day mums and dads, Thursday's newsletter is here, and we've packed it full of fun activities you can do with the kids outdoors. Getting outdoors is so important no matter the weather, and with Spring on the horizon, it's time to dust off those walking boots.

  1. Hit the beach and collect some fossils. The kids will love hearing stories all about the history of the fossils in their rocks. Fossils UK has a good variety of resources to help, including a list of best places to find fossils and what to look for. Take some crayons and paper and do some rubbing.

  2. If there's a bit of wind, why not try flying a kite? Hobby patrol is a useful resource with information sheets and guides on how to get started.

  3. Try birdwatching with the kids. It will get them interested in nature and different species. The RSPB has various resources that show what to look for and how to identify each bird.

  4. Head to the woods and teach the kids how to build a den. This is great fun and will help you relive your childhood memories. Who doesn't love a good den? The woodland trust has a great article on this one.

  5. Get some chalk and do some chalk art. We've had the NHS rainbows. Now it's time for chalk art that welcomes in the Spring to cheer everyone up. The kids will love it.

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