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Hello mums and dad's, we hope your week is going well. As always, Dadpluskids is here to boost your activity ideas and help to get you through whatever the week may be throwing at you and the kids. Wednesday's we focus on movement, and we've listed a few activities below to help inspire you.

  1. Movement and exercise for preschoolers with a heap of letters, numbers, sounds and animals thrown in. Coach Josh can be streamed on Amazon and is great for getting little ones moving.

  2. Dancing is a great way to get the kids working out, and it's also fun for mum and dads. Check out the Just Dance youtube channel for some groovy moves.

  3. The kids coach is great for moving, wellness, and all-round feel-good activities. There are over one hundred videos aimed at different age groups. Click your age range and stream from a wide array of videos.

  4. Movelee is an excellent place for little ones. They focus on kids yoga, cardio and meditation. This kids movement channel is aimed at kids age three to five years and is fully animated.

  5. We love the sworkit kids app. It puts kids in charge of their health and fitness and allows them to tailor workouts they enjoy to grow and adapt with them.

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