020 - Play-Doh snakes / paper planes / maths activities / stem laboratory / science resources

Good day mums and dads, and welcome to our daily rundown of activities to help keep you and the kiddos busy during these crazy times. A full year of lockdowns has got us all feeling it, and the kids have been holding up great. Our Tuesday activities are STEM-related, and this week we are going to concentrate on numbers.

  1. Our first activity is aimed at the preschool age group. Play-Doh snakes is a great little STEM activity to help your preschooler count to five and add up numbers. Innovation kids lab has the full worksheet and free printables.

  2. Paper Planes, no, we're not teaching them how to throw the perfect plane across the classroom. Well, we are, paper planes are a great introduction to engineering practices, and they are also brilliant to teach your kids about measuring and numbers. 3p learning has the full instructions over on their site.

  3. Over at steamsational, they have an entire page dedicated to fun math activities to do at home with your kids, they are laid out in grade order, and the printables are free.

  4. For preschool maths activities, check out the stem laboratory. They have free downloadable worksheets and puzzles for nursery aged kids.

  5. Dream box has a list of maths and science stem activity resources that you can access to do maths with older kids who need a bit more stimulation.

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