018 - Kids breakfast / kids cooking / scrapbooking / Sunday dinner / bathtime

Sunday at last, the day of rest, the day of organising and cleaning and getting ready for Monday to do it all over again. Sunday is another family day but a much more relaxed affair.

  1. Have breakfast together as a family and talk about the week ahead and plans that everyone has. This is a good way for the whole family to come together, have some bonding and do some planning.

  2. If you all cook together, you should all also clean together. We know it's challenging to get kids to want to do chores but involving them with smaller tasks, even little tots, they will be more inclined to help. It becomes less of a chore and more of a group activity.

  3. Why not try scrapbooking? It's a great way to get through some old photos and organising cupboards. You could make it a big project that you do every Sunday or just a one-off to pass the time.

  4. Change up Sunday dinner, even if it's cold, have a barbecue or light a fire and toast some s'mores before bath time. The weather isn't quite as cold anymore, and the nights are still dark.

  5. Do a really special Sunday bath time that makes the kids want to get in. Bubbles, nice smelling, calming essential oils, toys and playtime before hitting the land of nod.

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