016 - Drop everything and read / tots read / teddy bears picnic / writing journals / shopping lists

Friday, the day of the week that used to mean freedom, when you would get home, throw on your pj's and housecoat, order a pizza and chill, and we think that is a great idea still, especially during the lockdown. You need some time off, and to help get you to clocking off time, here are our five daily activities for today. Today's theme is... literature.

  1. Drop everything and read is an initiative that a teacher started. She noticed the teachers expected kids to read but were not reading themselves. The premise is that you sound the alarm at a random point in the day and everyone in the house has to drop everything and read for ten minutes.

  2. For younger kids, try a tots read and sing-along session. Read the wheels on the bus, then have the music play so you can all sing along to the book.

  3. For kids who are a little older, you can get them reading through other means, a teddy bears picnic maybe, where they have to read to their teddy bear as they have tea.

  4. Ask your kids to write a journal entry (you can do this for each day of the week) so on Friday, they can reflect on their week. This is great for self-reflection, reading and writing. Ask if there's anything about their week in their journal they'd like to share. This also encourages reading aloud.

  5. Ask your kids to write down the shopping list and then read it to you when you go to the supermarket. This is an excellent activity for real-world reading and writing.

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