013 - Kids experiments / STEM / Lego maze / magnetic slime / stop motion video

Good day mums and dads, and welcome to our daily rundown of activities to help keep you and the kiddos busy during these crazy times. A full year of lockdowns has got us all feeling it, and the kids have been holding up great. Today's five activities are all STEM-related to help you with homeschooling without feeling like it's homeschooling.

  1. The cloud in the jar experiment, this one is all about water cycles, the state of matter and condensation. It's straightforward to do and will have their imaginations running wild. You can find a worksheet for this experiment here.

  2. The oil spill experiment is another excellent way to fuel their imaginations, and the subject is relevant. For this one, you pour water and oil into a cup, add in some feathers and then have them use sponges and cloths to try and clean the feathers. STEM and environmental.

  3. Coding a lego maze from researchparent.com is an absolute genius way of getting your kids learning to code. This can be scaled up for older kids and scaled down for younger kids, and we guarantee you'll be the coolest parent in town with this one.

  4. Making magnetic slime, we know lots of parents are on the slime making already, but add some science and STEM it up with some iron-oxide powder. You can find the full instructions here.

  5. And lastly, why not try building a stop motion video with your kids? Whether you're techy minded or not, all you need is a smartphone or iPad, a stop motion app and a bit of imagination. You and the kids will be budding animators in no time. The guys over at tinker lab have put together a full set of instructions for free.

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